The Doctor's Corner

ANDY MACFARLAN, MD  Supervising Physician

Adult Female Acne Flare-Ups - "Aren't I Past This?"

Acne in women is often associated with anxiety, depression, social insecurity, and impaired quality of life. It can extend into adulthood or disappear and then return later in life. Different from teenage acne, adult female acne has multiple factors that...

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Practical Sleep Hygiene (aka Getting Better Sleep) zz zz

Too many people erroneously assume that you can just lie down, and you'll automatically fall and stay asleep. That's sadly not true for many of us, and this issue tends to worsen as we age. You need to put some...

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Taking Care of Black Skin

Different skin has different needs

About 1/3 of the people that we see at Smooth Skin Laser are people of color. We have made significant efforts to have the right kind of lasers and the right kind of training to be...

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