Our Mission

Creating hairless skin to enhance beauty and simplify skin care through advanced technology, skillful practice, compassionate care, and personal enthusiasm.

At Smooth Skin Laser, we have chosen to focus our expertise on permanent hair reduction and removal through the use of advanced technology. When used with skill and experience, our machines produce the best results in the industry. All treatments are performed by nationally certified laser technicians and are under the supervision of our medical director.

Our Team

Carrie Macfarlan
Owner & Laser Technician Bio

Carrie has been a nationally certified laser technician by Allied Health Association for over 10 years. After building her experience with another laser provider, she opened Smooth Skin Laser in 2009 with her husband Dr. Andrew Macfarlan. She brings expertise, compassionate care, and personal enthusiasm to each client.

Lexi Hutchins
Creative Director & Laser Technician Bio

Lexi is a nationally certified laser technician by Allied Health Association and fits right in with our team here at Smooth Skin Laser! She has a passion for bringing people together and loves all things creative. Since bringing her on board she has initiated a Featured Artist Gallery and is finding new and fun ways to reach out to the community through our business.

Debra Ambrosini
Office Manager Bio

Debra has over 30 years of managerial and administrative experience in a multitude of various work environments. She’s spent the last 2 years serving as the Office Manager and Bookkeeper at Smooth Skin Laser, and has a strong history of customer service and record keeping. Her administrative knowledge, financial expertise, and overall pleasant countenance help create a peaceful atmosphere both for our clients, as well as the team members at SSL.

Sarah Miracle
Marketing & Communications Director Bio

Sarah joined the Smooth Skin Laser team in May 2016 and serves as a marketing and communications specialist. She brings 20 years of experience working in radio, television, film, Internet, and social media for news, non-profit, political, commercial, and entertainment markets. Prior to joining the team, she served as a development writer and an Internet news producer for CBN News.

Daisy Hipolito
Laser Technician Bio

Daisy is a nationally certified laser technician by Allied Health Association. She joined our Smooth Skin Laser family in December of 2016. Through her previous job in hospitality, she’s had the opportunity to work with people of diverse cultures, teaching her that regardless of where we come from, our greatest hope is to feel comforted and accepted. This is why her greatest desire here at Smooth Skin Laser is to make everyone feel welcomed and at home.

Daisy es una técnica de Laser certificada por la Asociación Aliada de Salud. Y a sido parte de nuestra familia en SSL desde Diciembre del 2016. A través de su trabajo previo en Hospitalidad, ha tenido la oportunidad de convivir con gente de diversas culturas. Enseñándole, que no importa de donde vengamos nuestro mayor deseo es el ser confortados y aceptados. Y ese es su mayor deseo aquí en SSL, asegurarse que toda persona se sienta bienvenida y en casa.

Kelly Crispens
Laser Technician Bio

Kelly joined our team in December 2016 and instantly felt right at home! A Charlottesville native, she is passionate about her hometown and everyone in it. She is a nationally certified laser technician by Allied Health Association, and loves seeing clients look and feel their best!

Our Approach

Whether our clients come in feeling inconvenienced and tired of the constant maintenance, or if they come in feeling insecure and embarrassed by their unwanted body hair – we strive to create a welcoming atmosphere where our clients feel comfortable, peaceful, and reassured of their beauty and worth.

Within our mission of creating hairless skin with advanced technology, skillful practice, compassionate care, and personal enthusiasm, our staff and professional technicians seek to understand your needs and connect with you in a way that more than just “skin deep”… We listen.

Our Machines

We use state-of-the-art, FDA approved machines by Candela. The GentleLASE and GentleYAG deliver fast and highly effective hair removal treatments. The GentleLASE is used for our clients with lighter skin types and the GentleYAG can be used to treat all skin types particularly those with darker pigmented skin or sun exposure.

Our Facilities

Smooth Skin Laser proudly supports the mission of Young Life with a share of all revenue.

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