Our Mission

Creating hairless skin to enhance beauty and simplify skin care through advanced technology, skillful practice, compassionate care, and personal enthusiasm.

At Smooth Skin Laser, we have chosen to focus our expertise on permanent hair reduction and removal through the use of advanced technology. When used with skill and experience, our machines produce the best results in the industry. All treatments are performed by nationally certified laser technicians and are under the supervision of our medical director.

Our Team

Carrie Macfarlan
Owner & Laser Technician Bio

Carrie has been a nationally certified laser technician by Allied Health Association for more than 13 years. After building her experience with another laser provider, she opened Smooth Skin Laser in 2009 with her husband, Dr. Andrew Macfarlan. Since then, serving the people of Charlottesville through laser hair removal has become one of her greatest joys, and she’s made it the company’s mission to bring professional expertise, compassionate care, and personal enthusiasm to each and every client. In her down time, Carrie loves spending time with family and dear friends, traveling with her husband, looking after her grandchildren, and playing with her golden retriever, Max.

Jan Wilmer
Laser Technician Bio

Jan is a nationally certified laser technician by Allied Health Association. Prior to joining Smooth Skin Laser in August 2017, she enjoyed a lengthy career in the pharmaceutical industry for two Fortune 500 companies. During that time, she and her husband, Les, delighted in raising their four now grown children. In her spare time she is fond of reading, traveling and spending time with her family, including her two dogs.

Katherine McNerney, RN
Laser Technician & Registered Nurse Bio

Katherine is a nationally certified laser technician by Allied Health Association. She is also a Registered Nurse and has cared for oncology patients on and off since 2005. During her “off” times, she was growing her family of four boys with her husband, Todd. She joined Smooth Skin Laser in August 2017 and is passionate about helping clients look and feel their best.

Debra Ambrosini
Office Manager Bio

Debra has over 30 years of managerial and administrative experience in a multitude of various work environments. She’s spent the last 3 years serving as the Office Manager and Bookkeeper at Smooth Skin Laser, and has a strong history of customer service and record keeping. Her administrative knowledge, financial expertise, and overall pleasant countenance help create a peaceful atmosphere both for our clients, as well as the team members at SSL.

Kelly Crispens
Laser Technician Bio

Kelly rejoined the Smooth Skin Laser team in Summer 2018 after dedicating the last year to the Trinity Fellows Program. Now working as a full-time recruiter in the healthcare industry, she looks forward to seeing both new and familiar faces at Smooth Skin on Monday evenings and Saturdays.

Karla Dofflemyer
Laser Technician Bio

Karla is a nationally certified laser technician by Allied Health Association. She is also a Stella & Dot Stylist and has been helping Charlottesville ladies sparkle since 2014. During her “off” times, she has been growing her family of three girls with her husband, Andy. She joined Smooth Skin Laser in November 2018 and is passionate about helping clients live their best hair-free life.

Sarah Miracle
Marketing Director Bio

Our Approach

Whether our clients come in feeling inconvenienced and tired of the constant maintenance, or if they come in feeling insecure and embarrassed by their unwanted body hair – we strive to create a welcoming atmosphere where our clients feel comfortable, peaceful, and reassured of their beauty and worth.

Within our mission of creating hairless skin with advanced technology, skillful practice, compassionate care, and personal enthusiasm, our staff and professional technicians seek to understand your needs and connect with you in a way that more than just “skin deep”… We listen.

Our Machines

We use state-of-the-art, FDA approved machines by Candela. The GentleLASE and GentleYAG deliver fast and highly effective hair removal treatments. The GentleLASE is used for our clients with lighter skin types and the GentleYAG can be used to treat all skin types particularly those with darker pigmented skin or sun exposure.

Our Facilities

Smooth Skin Laser proudly supports the mission of Young Life with a share of all revenue.

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