Our Mission

Creating hairless and restored skin to enhance beauty and simplify skin care through advanced technology, skillful practice, compassionate care, and personal enthusiasm.

At Smooth Skin Laser, we have chosen to focus our expertise on permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation through the use of advanced technology. When used with skill and experience, our machines produce the best results in the industry. All treatments are performed by nationally certified laser technicians and are under the supervision of our medical director.  We are locally owned and operating in Charlottesville, VA since 2010.

Our Team

Carrie Macfarlan
Owner & Laser Technician Bio

Carrie has been a nationally certified laser technician by Allied Health Association for more than 17 years. After building her experience with another laser provider, she opened Smooth Skin Laser in 2009 with her husband, Dr. Andy Macfarlan. Since then, serving the people of Charlottesville through laser hair removal has become one of her greatest joys, and she’s made it the company’s mission to bring professional expertise, compassionate care, and personal enthusiasm to each and every client. In her down time, Carrie loves spending time with family and dear friends, traveling with her husband, looking after her grandchildren, and playing with her golden retriever, Max.

Kelly Crispens
Laser Technician Bio

Kelly is a nationally certified laser technician by Allied Health Association who joined the Smooth Skin family in December 2016. She is a Charlottesville native, UVA graduate and former Trinity Fellow. During her “off” times, Kelly teaches at Zoom Cycle and enjoys exploring the many local restaurants in town.

Brett Elizabeth Batten
Laser Technician Bio

Brett has been a nationally-certified laser technician by Allied Health Association since 2020, and she has been involved in the plant-based skincare and cosmetics business since 2013. Brett loves getting to know her clients and hearing their stories, but more than anything, she loves to help people feel comfortable, safe and confident in their own skin!  Additionally, Brett has several years’ experience in American Sign Language, and is happy to help the deaf and hard-of-bearding community reach their hair reduction goals. 

Nancy Berry
Marketing Director Bio

Nancy has been a fan (and client!) of Smooth Skin Laser from the beginning and is delighted to join the team. She is a self-described “people person” with a wide range of experiences in marketing, fundraising and community service. In her previous role at Semester at Sea, she was able to marry her love of people with her love of travel to provide impactful experiences for students.  When not in the office, you can still find her planning (and taking!) trips with her husband, Frank.

Brinn Garcia-McGhee
Technician Bio

Brinn has been a public school language teacher since 2016 and a laser technician since 2021. She began working with the family business (owner Carrie is her mom) in high school and continued throughout college summers. Brinn loved it so much she decided to get certified as a laser technician! Brinn is fluent in Spanish. *Spanish speakers may request to be lasered by Brinn.

Dana Henshaw
Technician Bio

Dana is a nationally certified laser technician by Allied Health Association. She is a central Virginia native and a mom of four. Her previous career in global event planning took her across the US and around the globe. And now she’s thrilled to be a part of the Smooth Skin team, giving her the opportunity to connect with and serve clients in her own community! 

Our Approach

We have been doing professional laser hair removal in Charlottesville, VA since 2005. We welcome women and men who feel inconvenienced and tired of constant hair and skin maintenance, and those who feel embarrassed and insecure by unwanted body hair or irregular skin changes.

We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere where our clients feel comfortable, peaceful, and reassured of their beauty and worth. Our staff and professional technicians seek to understand your needs and connect with you in a way that more than just “skin deep”… We listen.

Our Hair Removal Lasers

We use state-of-the-art, FDA approved machines by Candela and Cynosure. The GentleLASE, GentleYAG, and the Vectus deliver fast, safe, reliable, and thorough hair removal with minimal discomfort. The GentleLASE is used for our clients with lighter skin types and the GentleYAG can be used to treat all skin types particularly those with darker pigmented skin or sun exposure. The Vectus, a diode laser, is often used for covering larger areas in less time; for lighter, thinner hair; and also for those who may have had recent sun exposure. All of these machines perform a level of skin smoothing as well as hair removal.

Our Skin Rejuvenation Laser

We use the newly developed Cynosure PicoSure laser, a 755nm Alexandrite laser that fires in repeated pico-second bursts (trillionths of a second), and stimulates the body's stem cells to help reduce unwanted pigment, acne scars, and fine wrinkles in the treatment areas.

Our Space

Smooth Skin Laser proudly supports the mission of Young Life in Charlottesville with a share of all revenue.

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