At Smooth Skin Laser, we see each of our clients as beautiful individuals with their own unique perspective of themselves and their desire for permanent hair reduction and skin rejuvenation. We respect the dignity of each person who walks through our doors, and we provide custom, compassionate care to each and every client. Find us on Yelp and Google with FIVE STAR reviews from our clients!

"I can't say enough great things about Smooth Skin Laser! I have always been very modest and apprehensive about doing laser hair removal given it's intimate nature.  But they work with the utmost professionalism, they're discreet in their task, which instantly puts you at ease. I have also been so incredibly satisfied and excited with my results that I can't recommend their services enough!"


~ Tricia

"For me, laser hair removal has been a life changer! It’s definitely made my daily routines and maintenance so much easier. So if you’re on the fence at all, do it. I think it’s a great investment for your self!"

~ Katie

“I had made visits to electrolysis … but my experience at Smooth Skin Laser has been wonderful. My face is smooth, my hair doesn’t grow back as fast, and if it does, it’s very light. Sometimes I catch myself just feeling my face because it’s so smooth!”

~ Veronica

“Smooth Skin Laser is like a little family! Everyone takes the time to listen and to care for you as a client. It’s not just about laser hair removal. I really believe that Carrie and Andy are about personally investing into their clients and caring for them in a broader way. I definitely felt that.”

~ Braelyn

"One might say, ‘guys don’t really do that, do they?’ but its worked wonders for me! It’s tremendously boosted my confidence and I’ve had such a great experience. Another might say, ‘Is it worth it?’ and looking at myself I say Yes. Nothing can replace the value of getting that self-confidence back."

~ Eric
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"I absolutely love Smooth Skin Laser! It was a welcoming environment. Carrie, the owner, is fabulous. She makes you feel right at home. It’s not awkward. It definitely feels like a comfortable, fitting environment."

~ Elya

Smooth Skin Laser proudly supports the mission of Young Life with a share of all revenue.

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